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Why Choose Sopto?

Wide Compatibility

Thousands of fiber optic transceivers and SFP twinax cables are available for switches and other equipment with broad range of manufacturers including Cisco, Juniper, 3Com, Extreme, Linksys, Nortel Networks, Huawei, Foundry, Alcatel-Lucent, Planet, HP, Netgear, Brocade, Qlogic, Fortigate, Force10, Etc. Besides, we guarantee the reliable compatibility of PCIe Network Cards with Intel.

Fast Delivery and Various Services

International shipments can be delivered normally through FedEx, DHL, TNT or UPS unless otherwise specified. Moreover, we provide containers delivery with MSK, ZIM, MSC, DIMERCO and other shipping companies for heavy and great volume products. After the delivery, our sales always inform the tracking number to our customers for their reference. We also keep our attention during the delivery and notice our customers for custom clearance, etc. via email.

Significantly Reduce Acquisition Costs for Customers

As a manufacturer of wide range of fiber optic products, we are confident with the price and the quality we offer. We have the best suppliers such as CY for laser, Maxin and Intel for chips and YOFC for optical fiber and fiber optic cable. With the enlarging of the production the price has been reduced dramatically. In addition, you could get the bottom price if you becoming our agents.  

Customer Service That Cares

From the smallest end users to the largest resellers, as well as operators, all of our customers are important to us. We hope you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and feel that you’ve made the right choice. We’re here to help with any inquiries or concerns you have. Our response time averages less than an hour. All customers could reach us by email, phone call, live chat and so on. Also you could reach our agents worldwide in order to receive the quickest response and assistance. Get in touch!
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