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Which is more expensive between single-mode fiber optical cable and multi-mode fiber optical cable

Which is more expensive between single-mode fiber optical cable and multi-mode fiber optical cable?


The fiber optic cable is composed of an optical fiber core, an optical layer and an outer protective layer. The single-mode fiber and the multi-mode fiber both accelerate the speed of information transmission. From the cost of view, the single-mode fiber is more expensive than multi-mode fiber.


Therefore, the single-mode fiber optical cable is more expensive than multi-mode fiber optical cable.


How to distinguish the single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber from the data on the cable?


Firstly, there are “A4b, A8b...” and “B4b, B8b, B48B...” on the cable which the “A” refersto the multi-mode and the “B” means the single-mode. And the number, such as “4’ and “8’, indicate the amount of core.


In addition, the mark “9/125” means the cable uses the single-mode fiber and “62.5/125 or 50/125” refers to the multi-mode fiber”.


Fiber optical cable can be used in the fiber to the home (FTTH). Sopto offers the indoor cable and the outdoor cable with high quality and reasonable price. The fiber optic cable products in accord with related standards and can be used safely.

FTTH Fiber Ribbon Drop Cable

Fibre Ribbon Bow-type Drop Optical Cable, KFRP/Steel Wire Strength Member, Fiber Ribbon, LSZH Sheath. 2000m standard reel length and other lengths available on request;-20~+60℃ storage operating temperature; 500/1000N/100mm crush resistance long/short terms.

Large Fiber Count Mixed Branch Cable(GJPFJVV)
Large Fibre Count Mixed Branch Cable, Tight buffered Fibre, Six-fibre Cable, Strength Member, Aramid Yarn, Sheath. The large fibre count mixed branched cable takes 6-fibre cables(900μm tight buffered fibre with aramid yarn strength member) as the subunits which are stranded around the non-metallic strength member to form the cable core, the a PVC sheath is extruded outside. Other sheath materials, like LSZH and TPU, are available on request.
All Dielectric Self-supporting Aerial Cable
All Dielectric Self-supporting Aerial Cable. Completed with PE or AT (anti-tracking) outer sheath; PE inner sheath; and FRP as a non-metallic central strength member; the design life span is over 30 years

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