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What is Optical Fiber Access

Optical fiber access is refers to between the terminal and the user using optical fiber as a transmission media. The ways of optical fiber access include active optical access and passive optical access. The main technology of fiber optic user network is light wave transmission technology.


The development multiplexing technology for optical fiber transmission very fast and the majority have been in practical use, such as Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM), Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM), Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM) and Code Division Multiplexing (CDM).


FTTC, FTTZ, FTTO, FTTB, FTTH can be divided according to the degree of fiber-depth user. Optical fiber communication is different from the wired communication. The wired communication uses metal media to transmit signal, but optical fiber communication uses optical fiber to transmit light.


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General Tools

General Tools including: Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer, Precision Fiber Cleavers, Optical Mechanical Splices & Assembly Tools, Cleaver Blades & Fusion Spare Electrodes, Fiber Optic Scribe Tools, Fiber Optic Crimp Tools, Longitudinal & Round Cable Slitters, Armored Cable Slitters.

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Advantages of Fiber PLC Splitters and FBT Splitters

The advantages of our fiber PLC splitters and FBT splitters . The passive optical splitter can be divided into the fiber PLC splitter and the FBT splitter according to the production. The fiber PLC splitter is based on the optical integrated technology and the FTB splitter is based on the fiber technology.   Compared with the FBT splitter, the PLC splitter has advantages on the working wavelength, reliability, uniformity, volume and temperature characteristics.     The PLC splitter has more number of the branch and the advantages will be more obvious. The FBT splitter has the advantage of the low cost and the FBT splitter adjusts the splitting according to the requirement.

The plug and play PLC splitter modules

The plug and play PLC splitter modules . The PLC splitter module is mainly used in the Optical Distribution Network (ODN). The PLC splitter module is placed in the local convergence point (LCP) - the ODF cabinet or the fiber optical cross-connection cabinet. The PLC splitter module distributes the optical power of the main fiber into several-road to realize the multi-user access.     This PLC splitter module is mainly designed for the ODF cabinets or the fiber optical cross-connection cabinet based on the telecom standard. The panel of the splitter has one or two FC/SC flanges as the input end of the fiber; and has many FC/SC flanges as the output end of the fiber. These flanges

The knowledge of the optical splitter loss for you to purchase fiber splitters

The knowledge of the optical splitter loss for you to purchase fiber splitters.  The optical splitter loss is divided into the insertion loss and the additional loss. The insertion loss of the optical splitter can be understood from this formula: Ai = -10log Pouti/Pin. “Ai” means the insertion loss of the “ith” output port. The “Pouti” is the optical power of the “ith” output port. And the “Pin” is the optical value of the input port.   For the fiber optical couple, the additional loss is the quality indicator of the device manufacturing process to reflect the inherent loss of the device in the fabrication process. And
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