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We provide the fiber distribution box with a solid structure and a beautiful appearance

It is able to install the fiber splitter inside the fiber distribution box. And our fiber distribution box can be installed by the method of wall-mounted or pole-mounted.


The chassis of our fiber distribution box is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate and the surface is sprayed with the electrostatic epoxy powder so that the fiber distribution box has a solid structure and a beautiful appearance.


Fiber Distribution Terminal


We provide the indoor fiber distribution box and the outdoor distribution box with a standard optical splitter installation slot. The fiber distribution boxes support redundant fiber optic splice.


The fiber distribution box is the important component of FTTH and it is applied for the fixing, splicing and storage of fiber optic cable.


If you also plan to purchase the fiber distribution cabinet with large capacity and the highest cost-effective compatible ADC fiber distribution panel, please contact our online customer services.

Cross-connection Cabinet

Cross-connection Cabinet. Adapting various bad weather condition, with reliable sealing, water-proof and damp proof Available for different type of adaptors such as FC,SC,ST The bottom end is assembled with spare splice tray, for direct fusion and connection of trunk optical cables and distribution cables.

ODF Units
ODF Units 12/24/48/72/96 Port / OP Fibre. Fiber optical patch panel supports the distribution, termination and storage of fiber optic cables.
Optical Distribution Frame A
Optical Distribution Frame A, 264 cores capacity / 224 splitting spot. Optic distribution frame can be used in the termination and distribution of partial trunk optical cable in optical cable communication system easy to realize connection, distribution and adjustment.

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