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We offer the highest cost-effective compatible ADC fiber distribution panel

We offer the highest cost-effective compatible ADC fiber distribution panel. We supply compatible ADC fiber distribution panel and our fiber distribution panel is designed according to the requirement of Chinese communication for FTTH.


Our compatible ADC fiber distribution panels are suitable for any fiber distribution cabinets (triple play wiring box, fiber access box, and multimedia information box).


Fiber Distribution Terminal


These fiber distribution panels have diamond vents so that they are able to be used with network wire, fiber optic patch cords, pig tails, fiber optic distribution frame, fiber distribution cabinets, and fiber optic adapters and so on.


These components make up the FTTH fiber optic information box to realize the “twelfth five-year” triple play plan and the fiber to the home (FTTH) for each household.


Our compatible ADC fiber distribution panels have excellent comprehensive performance, excellent impact strength, good dimensional stability, electrical properties and better wear resistance. Our compatible ADC fiber distribution panels have highest cost-effective in the similar products.

Optical Distribution Frame C

Optical Distribution Frame C is 2600mm x 840mm x 300mm. 19’’ standard cabinet,large capacity, high intensity. Modular structure, easy to splicing, distribution and storage. Top, bottom and rear open for cable entrance, covered with remov able blank panels. Accomplishing scientific arrangement for patch cords with fiber storage units. Suitable for inserting installation of SC,FC and ST adaptor

Optical Distribution Frame D
Optical Distribution Frame D is 2600mm x 840mm x 300mm. Superior cable management ensure 40mm minimum bend radius. Connector life>1000 times. Connector loss (including Insertion, Change ability and Durability) ≤ 0.5dB. Change ability ≤ 0.2dB. Durability ≤ 0.1dB. Return loss: PC≥ 40dB, UPC≥ 50dB, APC≥ 60dB
Stainless Steel Cable-cross Cabinet
Stainless Steel Cable-cross Cabinet. Splitting light by inserting splitter module, save construction costs. New type of lock, high security Stainless steel body material, protective performance reaches IP65 New sliding type fixed structure for cable, flexible operation. Reasonable bend radius Closed cabinet structure, supply the cable terminal and distribution with physical protection.

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The price of optical cable connectors is related the market.   But there are lots of factories whose technology is not mature, so the data will not be stable. Therefore, choosing a good manufacturer is the very important. If we blindly request low price, it will too late to cry in the construction and usage when there is a problem.   SOPTO has four type of fiber optical fast connector: SC/UPC, SC/APC, FC/UPC and FC/APC. These products pass strict inspection before shipment and fully meet the industry standards. Welcome industry colleagues inquire the price information by phone.

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The price of fiber optic cables depends on the types of fiber, the types of fiber cables, the amount of cable cores and the brands.     Generally, in China, the price of the outdoor 4 cores single-mode fiber optic cable is about RMB3 per meter. And the more number of cores, the higher the price. Usually, if the price is below the RMB2 per meter, we do not recommend using it.   It is not worth to save such little money as the signal servicer because if the signal attenuation is too strong, it will be useless to invest much more equipment.

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The common tools in the fiber optic termination kit . Usually, the fiber optic termination kit includes a fiber preparation fluid, a fiber stripper, a visual fault locator, lint-free cloth wipes, a cable grip assembly tool, Kevlar Scissors, a marker pen, a cleaver, installation instructions, a cleave/strip gauge and a cable clamp.     As a manufacturer specializing in the production of fiber optical instruments, we supply various types of fiber optic termination kit.   Each fiber optic termination kit contains the common fiber optic tools and consumable materials. We also offer the personalization fiber optic termination kit for users.   We also offer other fiber optic
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