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Ways to detect if the optical fiber jumper is qualified

The Optical Fiber Interface
Optical fiber interface is the physical interface used to connect optical fiber cable.
The principle of optical fiber interface is the total reflection of using the light from the optically denser medium into optically thinner medium.
Usually, the optical fiber interface is divided into SC, ST, FC and other types which are developed by Japan's NTT.
FC is the abbreviation of Ferrule Connector. Its’ external strengthening way is to use a metal sleeve, and the fastening methods is turnbuckle. The ST interface is often used for 10Base-F. The SC interface is often used for 100Base-FX.

Insert loss meter
Using Visual Fault Locator to detect the light whether can through the jumper or not.
If the answer is yes, that means the fiber is not broken, and then measures the indicators.

The general telecom level index:
Insertion loss <0.3dB;
Return loss >45dB;
The Fiber Jumper performance testing includes:
1. Detection of optical performance, including return loss/insertion loss test. The Test instrument can use FibKey 7602 return loss/insertion loss integration tester.

2. End face geometry test. The test parameters are including the radius of curvature, the vertex offsets and the height of fiber-optic. The Test instrument is interferometer. Lots of people use AC/NC3000 or CC6000 to test. Because of superior cost-effective, more and more factories use the CC6000 to test.

3. Optical fiber end face scratch test. Adopts FIBER OPTIC VIDEO SCOPE to reach the clearest images and the operation is extremely simple. For example, many factories use FibView FV – 400PA to inspect. Some customers are also use FibKey-5600— the variable multiple magnifier to detect.This instrument can set 400 times, 200 times and 80 times magnifying glass at an organic whole. It is clear and convenient to observe the fiber end face and insert core surface. Of course you can also use the software for automatic inspection.
4. Fiber tension testing. This step is to test the optical fiber connector to withstand the size of the tensile force.

5. The experiment of environmental temperature. It is need to test the performance index of optical fiber connector in different environmental temperature.

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Notes of using Fiber Optic Patch Cords

1.  Before use the fiber patch cord, we should use the alcohol and absorbent cotton to clean the optical fiber ferrule and its’ end face. 2.  If the connector is dirty, we should clean it by using the alcohol and absorbent cotton, or it will affect the communication quality.3.  The fiber optical modules at two ends of the fiber patch cord must support the same wavelength, in order to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.4.  Don’t excessively bend and circle the fiber, which will leads to an increased decay in the transmission process of the light. The bend radius must be less than 30mm.5.  After using fiber patch cord, we must use protective sleeve to


Step 1: Cutting Fiber CableTools Requirement: Automatic cutting machine/a Kevlar cutterUse Automatic cutting machine or the Kevlar cutter to cut the fiber cable according to the required length of patch cord, then a simple correction.Step 2: Assemble partsAssemble various parts to the fiber for the convenience of the subsequent steps.The sequence to assembling parts is rubber sheath, heat shrinkable tube, pipe and a spring. The direction should pay attention to whether correct.Step 3: Assign the glueTools Requirement: 353nd glueEvenly assign the Part A and the Part B of the 353nd glue according to the ratio of 10:1 through the auxiliary tool, and minimize bubble.Step 4: FerruleTools
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