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Waterproof fiber pigtails

Waterproof fiber pigtails are widely used in data transmission network and can be used in harsh environment. It is mainly used in outdoor connection of the optical transmitter. Waterproof fiber pigtail is designed with a stainless steel strengthened waterproof unit and armored outdoor PE jacketed cables. Typical types of waterproof fiber pigtails are with 2, 4, 8, 12 fiber cores. Sopto provide waterproof pigtail assemblies: ST, FC, SC, LC, MU, MTRJ... fiber connectors, duplex and simplex, single mode and multi-mode fiber are optional.

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Our waterproof fiber pigtails are easily and reliable installed. Our waterproof fiber pigtails strictly according to IEC standards with low insertion loss, high return loss, good interchange ability and repeat push-pull performance, which make them easy to use. Besides waterproof fiber pigtails, Sopto also offer fiber optic patch cord, ribbon and bunched patch cord, MPO/MTP patch cable, OM3 10G patch leads, armored fiber patch cord for your different application.


FC 1 Core Waterproof Fiber Pigtail SC2 Cores Waterproof Fiber Pigtail FC4 Cores Waterproof Fiber Pigtail
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