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SFP+ AOC (Active optic cable) is a cabling technology that accepts same electrical inputs as a traditional copper cable, but uses optical fiber “between the connectors”. AOC uses electrical-to-optical conversion on the cable ends to improve speed and distance performance of the cable without sacrificing compatibility with standard electrical interfaces.


Usually they are applied in following areas:


1) Cost effective 10G SFP+Link Solution

2) System Cascade applications

3) Short Distance 10G SFP+ System interface applications

4) Data center and storage 10GSFP+ link applications

5) Copper SFP+ AOC replacement

6) System Internal Data Link Solutions.


So for SFP+AOC, we knew they will be used with equipment, at present, there are many such equipment providers, such as Cisco, Huawei, Arista, Juniper, etc. Some of these equipment manufacturers will take their own method to encrypt their products, they force only their own assemblies can be used with their switches, servers, routers and so on.


Sopto provide third party compatible SFP+ AOCs which can be used with these brands, moreover, the prices will be much lower than these original manufacturers. If you have interests about SFP+ AOC, you can contact to us for more about SFP+ Active optic cable, Price, Product, Description.

SFP+ to SFP+ 10GB Copper 2M Active Cable AWG30

SFP+ to SFP+ 10GB Copper 2M Active Cable AWG30. The SFP+ to SFP+ twinax cable are high performance I/O solutions for 10 GB Ethernet and 10G Fiber Channel applications. SFP+ to SFP+ 10G Copper Twinax Cables are suitable for very short distances including 1M, 3M, 5m, 7M, 10M, 12M etc.

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