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The small-size and light-weight fiber terminal boxes

The small-size and light-weight fiber terminal boxes. The fiber terminal box is the end of one cable connector. One end of fiber terminal box is the fiber optic cable. Another end of fiber terminal box is a pigtail.


The fiber terminal box is the equipment which equivalent to split the fiber optic cable into a single fiber. The fiber terminal box which is installed on the user’s wall provides the function to splice the fibers, fiber and pigtail and to interchange and connect the fiber connectors.


Fiber Distribution Terminal


In addition, the fiber terminal box provides the mechanical protection and environmental protection to the fibers and fibers’ components and maintains the highest standard management for fibers.


We provide small-size and light-weight fiber terminal boxes which are available for FC, SC, ST, LC interface adapters. We also offer large-capacity fiber distribution cabinets. For any detail information, please visit our website or consult our online customer services.

Cross-connection Cabinet

Cross-connection Cabinet. Adapting various bad weather condition, with reliable sealing, water-proof and damp proof Available for different type of adaptors such as FC,SC,ST The bottom end is assembled with spare splice tray, for direct fusion and connection of trunk optical cables and distribution cables.

Optical Distribution Frame A
Optical Distribution Frame A. Optic distribution frame can be used in the termination and distribution of partial trunk optical cable in optical cable communication system easy to realize connection, distribution and adjustment The Maximum size of Sopto Optical Distribution Frame A Series is 2600mm x 600mm x 300mm.
Optical Distribution Frame C
Optical Distribution Frame C. 19’’ standard cabinet,large capacity, high intensity. Modular structure, easy to splicing, distribution and storage. Top, bottom and rear open for cable entrance, covered with remov able blank panels. Accomplishing scientific arrangement for patch cords with fiber storage units. Suitable for inserting installation of SC,FC and ST adaptor. Superior cable management ensure 40mm minimum bend radius.

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