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The probable price of fiber optic cable

The price of fiber optic cables depends on the types of fiber, the types of fiber cables, the amount of cable cores and the brands.


Fiber Optical Cable


Generally, in China, the price of the outdoor 4 cores single-mode fiber optic cable is about RMB3 per meter. And the more number of cores, the higher the price. Usually, if the price is below the RMB2 per meter, we do not recommend using it.


It is not worth to save such little money as the signal servicer because if the signal attenuation is too strong, it will be useless to invest much more equipment.

Zipcord Interconnect Cable(GJFJV)

Zipcord Interconnect Cable(GJFJV). Zipcord Interconnect Cable(GJFJV), Sheath, Tight Buffered Fibre, Aramid Yarn. The zipcord interconnect cable uses two 900μm or 600μm tight buffered fibres as optical transmission medium, covered with aramid yarn as strength member, then extruded with a PVC sheath.

Tight Buffered Fibre
Tight Buffered Fiber(GJJV), Tight Buffered Layer . Tight buffered fibre is manufactured by extruding a layer of buffer material (PVC, LSZH, ETFE, etc) on the sruface of the fiber. Through the selection of high-quality material, dedicated equipments and precision moulds for production, the tight buffered fibre delivers excellent performance.
Waterproof Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable
Outdoor CablesWaterproof Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable. The cable is completed with a PE sheath and two parallel steel wires at the two sides of the steel tape;Strength Long/Short Term 600or1000/1500or3000N; 1000/3000N/100mm Crush Resistance Long/Short Term.

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The reliable, robust and flexible 3m fiber optic splice closures

The reliable, robust and flexible 3m fiber optic splice closures . We offer reliable, robust and flexible 3m fiber optic splice closures. These fiber closures’ fire resistance is through the international UL standard recognition. With the stronger corrosion resistance of the solid shell, our 3m fiber optic splice closure can be installed in underground, overhead, at the entrance to the building and so on.     This 3m fiber optic splice closure has a robust housing so that it can be moisture-proof, waterproof without any filling resin. These products are rigorously tested before leaving the factory. They are able to bear the worst conditions such as moisture, shock, impact,

The fiber optic closure with excellent waterproof

The fiber optic closure with excellent waterproof . The fiber optic closure, which is improved and perfected according to the users’ requirements, provides the quality assurance for the excellent voice, image and data transmission.     The fiber closures fully meet the needs of the main trunk cable and the distribution cable network. The fiber optic closure we produce adopts the waterproof elastomeric seals with high quality elastic rubber sealing material.   Therefore, the sealing performance of the fiber optic closure can be guaranteed so that can be repeated open and repeated use to solve the construction problem.   The disassembly of our fiber optic closure is
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