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The popular serial over Ethernet adapters

The popular serial over Ethernet adapters. The Ethernet adapter is also known as the card. Currently, the multiple communication devices only provide the serial interface without the Ethernet interface in the market. So, it is difficult for the equipment to access the Ethernet network.


And using the Ethernet adapter let us access the serial devices into the Ethernet work successfully. It makes the information management monitor the devices. However, due to the variety kinds of serial port equipment, the different communication protocols and the different standards, parameters is different even the same type of device.


Therefore the system integration can be very inconvenient.


The series of PCIE network card produced by Sopto is based on the Ethernet standard. Users can access the Ethernet network fastly by these products. With its cheap price and stable performance, many users choose Sopto’s PCIE network adapter.

Bare fiber adapters

SC,FC,ST etc. bare fiber adapters. Bare fiber adapters are used as the medium to link the bare optical fiber cable to fiber optic equipment. The bare fiber optic adapters have the bare optical fiber inside on one side; the other side of the adapter is a connector that can plug into the equipment.

Hybrid adapter
FC,ST,SC,LC,MU,DIN etc. hybrid fiber adapters. Sopto supplies various kinds of hybrid fiber optic adapters, including the FC, ST, SC, LC, MU, DIN series hybrid adapters to meet the customers’ requests. The hybrid adapters solve the converted connection between 1.25mm and 2.5mm ferrules.
Standard female to female fiber adapters
SC,LC,FC,ST female to female etc. fiber optic adapters. SC fiber optic adapters are various types including single mode (SM) and multimode (MM), zirconia sleeve and bronze sleeve, simplex and duplex versions. LC fiber optic adapters include simplex, duplex and quad types; these LC adapters are single mode and multimode styles with plastic housing and zirconia sleeve.

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