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The ideal PCIE gigabit Ethernet card for multi-network

The ideal PCIE gigabit Ethernet card for multi-network. The SPNC-10004PF is the PCIE Gigabit Ethernet network card with 4 SFP interfaces and one Ethernet port. This PCIE Gigabit Ethernet network is the ideal choice to deploy the multi-network application and environment.


The SPNC-10004F has the function of the integrated hardware acceleration and it is able to implement the TCP/IP/UDP checksum, partial load and the TCP segmentation tasks.




In addition, the host processing technology partial loads the accelerator, releases the CPU resources to deal with other applications.


The SPNC-10004F also supports the advance network software suite including the enhanced fault tolerance, bi-direction load balancing, port aggregation, super frame support, VLAN and the server management software to enhance the bandwidth, scalability, reliability and the availability of the network.


We also supply high-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet cards besides the PCIE gigabit Ethernet cards. For more detail information, please contact our online customer services.


Intel 82580EB PCI Express 2.0 (5.0GHz) Four SFP. MSI and MSI-X by minimizing device I / O interrupts, interrupt support dynamic. Receive Side Scaling to minimize CPU utilization of multiprocessor systems advanced storage architecture can reduce the delay support multiple MAC address filtering. Support the management and RMON statistics Statistics.

Intel 82572EI PCI Express 2.0a Single SFP Port. Build on PCI Express Technology and Intel original gigabit controller technology. Based on gigabit SFP transceivers which be optional and replaceable. High-performance gigabit SFP transceivers (1000BASE-SX, 1000BASE-LX oR 1000BASE-ZX) connections for slot-constrained servers.
Intel 82576EB PCI Express 2.0(2.5GT/s) Dual SFP Port. Optimized for virtualized environments High-performing, Reliable and proven Gigabit Ethernet technology from Intel Corporation. 7.Flexibility with iSCSI Boot and choice of dual- port adapters in both fiber and copper.

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