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The high-performance copper to fiber media converter

The copper to fiber media converter is also called the fiber optical media converter. The fiber optic media converter is a petite size, plug and play industrial Ethernet media converter launched by Sopto. This series of media converter provides the broadcast storm suppression function.


The copper port (RJ45 interface) has the function of automatic negotiation and automatic recognition copper (MDI/MDIX) and it supports the data rate of 10M/100M/1000M, full-duplex and half-duplex are both available.


The optical fiber port supports the full-duplex, the data rate of 100M/1000M, single-mode, multi-mode, SC interface, double-fiber interface and single-fiber interface.


The series of Sopto fiber optic media converter manufactured with good materials and international first-line components.


And it provides the redundant AC and DC power supply which can provide a wide range of power input of the low voltage DC and the low voltage AC.


Its reliability and anti-interference ability both meet the need of the industry. It is a high performance fiber optic media converter with plug & play.


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