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The fiber optic termination box with excellent corrosion resistance

The fiber optic termination box with excellent corrosion resistance. The fiber optic termination box is mainly used in fixing the end of fiber optic cable, splicing the fiber optic cable and pigtail, holding and protecting the remaining fiber.


Our series of fiber optic termination boxes are the auxiliary equipment of the terminal wiring in the fiber optic transmission communication network.


Fiber Distribution Terminal


Our fiber optic termination boxes are suitable for the indoor fiber optic cables and these fiber terminal boxes are able to protect the fiber connectors.


The components of our fiber optic termination boxes adopt the materials which have excellent corrosion resistance and are compatible with common materials of other equipment.


Therefore, our fiber optic termination boxes prevent the corrosion and other electrical damage for the equipment.


We also offer fiber distribution cabinets. For any detail information, please visit our website or consult our online customer services.

Optical Distribution Frame B

Optical Distribution Frame B. Shape cabinets, occupying small space. Front side operation, cable incoming or outgoing from the upper and lower sides. Preloaded with splitting modules in the frame, easy to operate, saving cost. Superior cable management ensure 40mm minimum bend radius. Connector life>1000 times

Optical Distribution Frame C
Optical Distribution Frame C. In network applications, Optical Distribution Frame C could be used to connect distribution network and equipment cables, as well as connect with indoor cable termination equipment. The Maximum size of Sopto Optical Distribution Frame C is 2600mm x 840mm x 300mm.
Optical Distribution Frame D
Optical Distribution Frame D. Optical Distribution Frame D series can be used in the termination and distribution of partial trunk optical cable in optical cable communication system.It is easy to realize connection, distribution and adjustment.The Maximum size of Sopto Optical Distribution Frame D is 2600mm x 840mm x 300mm.

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