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The CX4 cable expand the transmission distance of signal

The CX4 cable expand the transmission distance of signal. Compared with the SFP cable, the 10Gbase-CX4 is the ideal choice for high-performance data center.


The CX4 cable has advantages of low-cost and no-additional delay in the short-distance connection. It is similar with the interconnection of InfiniBand to use the shielded twisted pair cable and the transmission distance of the XAUI signal ups to 15m.


CX4 Cable


If we increase the signal compensation, it will make each port cost range down to the lowest. The pin definition of the CX4 connector also provides a power supply pin.


We offer CX4 cable with photoelectric conversion circuit itself so that the transmission distance of the signal is well beyond 15m. The CX4 cable is the low-cost solution for 10Gbase.

CX4 Twinax Cable

10G CX4 passive copper Cables were developed to provide the fastest transfer rates available links for a wide range of 10Gb/s applications including standards such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 10G Fiber Channel, and other network solutions. CX4 to CX4 coaxial cable and QSFP+ to CX4 cables are a cost-effective copper cable solution for connections between processor nodes and high performance I/O nodes, such as storage devices, servers and switches.

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