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The common tools in the fiber optic termination kit

The common tools in the fiber optic termination kit. Usually, the fiber optic termination kit includes a fiber preparation fluid, a fiber stripper, a visual fault locator, lint-free cloth wipes, a cable grip assembly tool, Kevlar Scissors, a marker pen, a cleaver, installation instructions, a cleave/strip gauge and a cable clamp.


Fiber Access Terminal


As a manufacturer specializing in the production of fiber optical instruments, we supply various types of fiber optic termination kit.


Each fiber optic termination kit contains the common fiber optic tools and consumable materials. We also offer the personalization fiber optic termination kit for users.


We also offer other fiber optic products and devices, such as fiber distribution cabinets, fiber optic patch cords and fiber optic cables and so on besides the fiber optic termination kits.

FTB108 Wall Mounted

FTB 108 Wall Mounted Optic Ftth Customer Terminal Box. Max fiber capacity 4-16 fibers,4-16 adapter output available for FC,SC,ST,LC adapters hinge and convenient press-pull button lock design small size, light weight, pleasing in appearance wall mounted with mechanical protection function.

FTTH Customer Terminal Box FTB 106C
FTTH Customer Terminal Box FTB 104C. FTTH network and CATV system application. Available for 1*2/1*4 PLC Splitter. Design to protect PLC splitter. Suit for both Outdoor & Indoor. IP65 Grade. Waterproof, Anti-UV, Ultra violet resistant and rainfall resistant.
Household ONU Access Cabinet
Household ONU Access Cabinet(H*W*D = 300*400*120mm). Features: Complete business integration: Each family only need to itstall one, it is convenient for developers to design, construct and realize centralized purchasing , which can effectively reduce the operationg cost.

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