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The cat 6 cable with high signal transmission frequency

The cat 6 cable with high signal transmission frequency . The Category 6 cable is usually called the Cat6 cable. The Cat6 cable is the transmission wire standard used in the gigabit Ethernet and other cat5/cat3 downward compatible networks.


Compared with the Cat5 cable, the Cat6 cable strengthens the protection against the crosstalk and the system noise. And in the specification, the signal transmission frequency of Cat6 cable ups to 250MHz that the Cat6 cable is suitable for many Ethernet transmission standards, such as 10Base-T, 100Base-Tx and 1000Base-T. The Cat6 even can be used as a framework for 10G Ethernet.


XFP Cables


For the 10G Ethernet, we supply CX4 twin-ax cables, SFP cables, XFP cables, QSFP cables and Mini SAS cables.


And the CX4 cables adopt the CX4 connector to realize the interconnection between the switches, the switch and the server, the switch and the memory unit, etc. The high-speed SFP cables whose data rate ups to 10.5Gbps, is suitable to the high-density and high-bandwidth ports. And the XFP cables provide a wide range of applications for 10Gb/s serial links.


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SFP+ to SFP+ 10GB Copper 3M Active Cable AWG30

SFP+ to SFP+ Active Twinax Cable 3m AWG30. Applications: 1-8G Fiber Channel (1x, 2x, 4x and 8x) and multi-gigabit data rates up to 10.5Gbps (1-10G) Gigabit Ethernet. Networking, Storage, Telecommunications. Hub, Switches, Routers, Servers, Network Interface Card (NICs)

CX4 Twinax Cable
10G CX4 to CX4 Twinax Cable 1 Meter. CX4 to CX4 coaxial cable and QSFP+ to CX4 cables are a cost-effective copper cable solution for connections between processor nodes and high performance I/O nodes, such as storage devices, servers and switches.
XFP to SFP+ Passive Twinax Cable 1m
XFP to SFP+ Passive Twinax Cable 1m. Sopto is your reliable supplier of SPT-XFP/SFP+C1 (XFP to SFP+ 10GB Copper 1M Passive Cable). We test each piece of SPT-XFP/SFP+C1 (XFP to SFP+ 1M Passive Twinax Cable) 10G Copper XFP to SFP+ Passive Twinax Cable before shipment to ensure the SPT-XFP/SFP+C1 XFP cables can work in your system without any problems.

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SFP+ DAC is stand for Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus Direct Attached Cable . SFP+ is the second-generation of SFP interconnect systems designed for 10G performance.   Sopto’s SFP+ DAC is much more economical than the two SFP+ Modules plus fiber patch cords, which the SFP+ DAC cable without the Laser. Except the DAC cable, Sopto also can provide Active Optical Cable (AOC).   What cable jacket color for your SFP+ DAC is available   Our standard jacket color is black. If you would like to other color of the DAC cable, try to contact with your sales supports in Sopto before you order, whether other color is available and how long the delivery time costs.   The famous

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