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The brief introduction of the RF cable assembly

The brief introduction of the RF cable assembly. The RF cable assembly is composed of the RF connector and the RF cable through a suitable assembly process technology.


Because the various types of connectors, types of cables and the length, the there are so many specifications of the RF cable assembly. In addition, there are many classification methods for the RF cable assembly.


For example, the RF cable assembly can be divided into high power RF cable assembly, stationary phase RF cable assembly and high stability RF cable assembly according to the performance.


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10G SFP+ Direct Attach Cable

10G SFP+ Direct Attach Cable. Features: Hot pluggable. Bit rate support from 1G to 11.3Gbps. Pre-terminated twin axial cable / fiber cable. Operating environment temperature 0 ~ 70℃. Low power consumption. SFP+ housing with enhanced EMI shielding. Single 3.3V power supply. Programmable EEPROM for serial identification

XFP to SFP+ Active Twinax Cable 1M
XFP to SFP+ 1M Active Twinax Cable. Sopto provides different lengths (from 1m to 10m) of active XFP to SFP+ InfiniBand Cables (AWG 24 and AWG28) are available and highly compatible with brands such as Cisco, Juniper, HP, Extreme, Enterasys, brocade-foundry, H3C, Alcatel-lucent etc.Transmitter and receiver are separate within a wide temperature range and offers optimum heat dissipation and excellent electromagnetic shielding thus enabling high port densities.
QSFP+ to 4SFP+ passive cable AWG24,1M
QSFP+ to 4SFP+ 1M passive cable AWG24. Sopto is reliable supplier of SPT-QSFP+/4SFP+C1(QSFP+ to 4SFP+ 40GB Copper 1M Passive Cable AWG24). We test each piece of SPT-QSFP+/4SFP+C1 (QSFP+ to 4SFP+ 40GB Copper 1M Passive Cable AWG24) 40G Copper Twinax Cable before shipment to ensure the SPT-QSFP+/4SFP+C1(QSFP+ to 4SFP+ 40GB Copper 1M Passive Cable AWG24) can work in your system without any problems

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The cat 6 cable with high signal transmission frequency

The cat 6 cable with high signal transmission frequency . The Category 6 cable is usually called the Cat6 cable. The Cat6 cable is the transmission wire standard used in the gigabit Ethernet and other cat5/cat3 downward compatible networks.   Compared with the Cat5 cable, the Cat6 cable strengthens the protection against the crosstalk and the system noise. And in the specification, the signal transmission frequency of Cat6 cable ups to 250MHz that the Cat6 cable is suitable for many Ethernet transmission standards, such as 10Base-T, 100Base-Tx and 1000Base-T. The Cat6 even can be used as a framework for 10G Ethernet.     For the 10G Ethernet, we supply CX4 twin-ax cables,

The CX4 cable expand the transmission distance of signal

The CX4 cable expand the transmission distance of signal . Compared with the SFP cable, the 10Gbase-CX4 is the ideal choice for high-performance data center.   The CX4 cable has advantages of low-cost and no-additional delay in the short-distance connection. It is similar with the interconnection of InfiniBand to use the shielded twisted pair cable and the transmission distance of the XAUI signal ups to 15m.     If we increase the signal compensation, it will make each port cost range down to the lowest. The pin definition of the CX4 connector also provides a power supply pin.   We offer CX4 cable with photoelectric conversion circuit itself so that the transmission

SFP cable assemblies with competitive prices

SFP cable assemblies with competitive prices . We launched SFP cable assembly for the connection in a high-speed environment. The SFP cable assembly provides a low-cost solution for devices which usually only need the short-length components in the environment of the server racks and data files racks.   The SFP cable assembly doesn’t need the signal conversion or the media converter which will increase the cost greatly. And the fee reduction will not affect the integrity of the signal. Our fiber optic cable assembly includes fiber optic patch cords, fiber adapters, fiber optic attenuators, etc. and all is in accordance with the standard of the industry and the data transmission
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