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Sopto FTTH terminal box for 6 SC adaptors

As we all know FTTH terminal box is an indispensable accessory in FTTH construction. This product is wildly used in FTTH area. Usually Fiber Access Terminal can be used indoor and outdoor, dust proof and water proof. Today I will introduce one of Sopto FTTH terminal box, FTB-106C.


FTB-106C is the upgrade version for FTB-104C, this terminal box is light and compact, especially suitable for protective connection of fiber cables and pigtails in FTTH. Widely used in the end termination of residential buildings and villas, to fix and splice with pigtails; Can be installed on the wall; May adapt variety of optical connection styles; Optical fiber can be managed effectively. And it’s available for PLC Splitter.


FTB-106C terminal box usually applied in FTTH Network or CATV system, FTB-106C has 6 Simplex SC adaptor slots, that means it can be installed in 6 pieces of Duplex LC adaptor, Anti-UV, Ultra violet resistant and rainfall resistant. It can be connected FTTH Drop cables inside. Design the splicing place for Mechanical Splice.


If you have interests about this FTTH terminal box,you can contact to us for more about FTTH terminal box,Price,Product,Description.

FTTH Customer Terminal Box FTB 106C

FTTH network and CATV system application. Available for 1*2/1*4 PLC Splitter. Design to protect PLC splitter. Suit for both Outdoor & Indoor. IP65 Grade.Waterproof, Anti-UV, Ultra violet resistant and rainfall resistant. Light weight, small cubage, small installation size,reliable sealing.

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