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Self-Supporting Bow-type Drop Optical Cable

The typical GJYXFDCH/GJYXDCH self-supporting bow-type drop optical cable consists of GJXFDH/GJXDH cable and an additional strength member(steel wire of stranded steel wire.)

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Self-Supporting Bow-type Drop Optical Cable, strength Member, Steel Wire/KFRP, Fibre Ribbon, LSZH Sheath     



Novel groove design, easily strip and splice, simplified installation and maintenance, higher tensile strength

Suitable as cable extending form outdoor ( as aerial cable) to indoor

Low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant retardant sheath, environment-friendly, good safety



Comply with standard YD/T1997-2009


Structure and technical parameters

Cable Type Cable size(mm)

Cable Weight (kg/km)

Tensile Strength Long/Short Term(N) Crush Resistance Long/Short Term(N/100mm) Bending Radius Static/Dynamic(mm) Storage, operating Temperature()
GJYXFDCH-4B6a2 (2.0±0.1)x (6.2±0.3) 23.6 300/600 1000/2200 15/30 -20~+60
GJYXDCH-4B6a2 (2.0±0.1)x (6.2±0.3) 25.6 300/600 1000/2200 15/30 -20~+60

Note: The bending radius is only applicable to the ordinary bow-type drop cable without suspension wire part.

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