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Sample Connectors and Accessories

Note: Angled physical contact (APC) connectors typically have a green connector or boot. Blue and other color connectors have a flat or convex endface.

Figure 26: LC Type Connector and Accessories (1.25 mm ferrule)

Figure 26: LC Type Connector and Accessories (1.25 mm ferrule)

Figure 28: FC Type Connector and Accessories (2.5 mm ferrule)

Figure 29: E2000 Type Connector and Accessories (2.5 mm ferrule)

Figure 30: MU Type Connector and Accessories (1.25 mm ferrule)

Figure 31: MTP/MPO Type Connector (multifiber ferrule)

Figure 32: OGI Type Connector (multifiber)

Figure 33: Receptacle Devices

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Patch Cord LC Connector

The LC connectors used are small form-factor fiber optic connectors resembling miniature SC connectors with high quality 1.25mm zirconia ferrules and push-pull latching mechanism. They are fully compatible with existing LC hardware. In addition to basic testing, some mechanical and environmental tests per IEC or Telcordia are also performed periodically to guarantee the best quality. For standard patch cords, sampling check is performed on ferrule geometry to ensure high percentage of polished connectors meeting GR-326 requirements. For premium grade, ferrule geometry is tested on all patch cords to meet these GR-326 requirements. Other than standard single mode and multimode fibers, G655,

Loopback Patch Cord

Fiber Loopback Patch Cord can provide a simple and effective means of testing. It is used to diagnose the problems of optical networking equipment. Sending a loopback test to network equipment, one at a time, is a technique for isolating a problem. The fiber loopback modules can be with various jacket types and cable diameters, and they can be with different terminations and length. Fiber optic loopbacks are with compact design, and they are compliant with fast Ethernet, fiber channel, ATM and Gigabit Ethernet. Features: 1.  Compact design2.  Easy installation3.  Environmentally stable Applications: 1.  Equipment interconnection2.  Loopback for network3. 

Patch Cord MTP-MPO Connector

MT family is an array technology providing quick connection for 4, 8 or 12 fibers. It reduces time and cost of installation. Fiber alignment is achieved with high precision guide pins. The ferrules and connectors are manufactured to IEC 61754-5 and 61754-7 respectively.The MT family has two catagories: 1) MPO or MTP connector assembled to ribbon (or ribbonized) cable or bare ribbon. Connectors with push-pull latching mechanism are coupled via an adapter.MTP has an extra feature over MPO with a removable housing for re-polishing.2) MT ferrule with fiber ribbon. MT ferrules are coupled using a spring clamp only. *MTP is a trademark of US Conec Ltd Features 1.  High density
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