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4E1-10/100Base-T Protocol Converter serial interface converter used back multiplexing technology, transfer 10M/100M Ethernet data by using multi E1 channels. Realize convert between 1 to 4 E1 channels and Ethernet interface. It can transmit signal of E1 channel to RJ45 interface point to point, realize the connection of E1 channel and Ethernet. 4 channels can up to 7872Kbits/s. it can make use of mass E1 resource in telecommunication networks to expend the transfer distance and application field of Ethernet. It also supports Vlan.

E1 to Ethernet Converter

Sopto provides multi E1 (1-16) channels to multi ETH (1-4) channels protocol converters. E1 ports are designed as 75ohm unbalanced and 120ohm balanced. Ethernet ports are 10/100Based. Additionally, framed E1 and unframed E1, 110V/220V/ 48V, single power and dual power supplies are optional. For single E1 and multi E1 to optical ETH (FX) converters, dual fiber and single fiber, SC and FC connectors are available. The transmitting distance could be 20km or more.

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