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Why the DWDM filter is not a good way to expand CWDM channels port

Why the DWDM filter is not a good way to expand CWDM channels port? People often think that the CWDM system is a low cost alternative which is used to replace the widely used DWDM system. Because the CWDM technology has the advantage of using low cost and uncooled distributed feedback laser and low price passive filter.


In addition, if using CWDM technology, we are able to use cheaper small transceiver. However, due to the CWDM channel spacing is relatively large. The available number of wavelength for the system will be reduced and the transmission capacity of the system will be also limited.


Some several WDM equipment manufacturers provided a transitional product between CWDM and DWDM. Their method is to use DWDM filter to expand each CWDM channel port when the capacity of all installed CWDM systems needs to be expanded.


Therefore, in principle, a CWDM channel can be equivalent to eight DWDM channels. However, this approach has many shortcomings so that we should select other methods.


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