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What is the price of the Ethernet serial port converter

The price of the Ethernet serial port converter. The Ethernet serial port converter is also known as the serial port server, which is a conversion device to access the traditional serial port (RS-232, RS-485) into the Ethernet. It appeared in about ten years ago.


Through the development in the last ten years, the Ethernet serial converter supported the data rate from 10M to 100M, even 1000M. Meanwhile, it has the RS-232 port to support the full signal and it has the function of photoelectric isolation and virtual serial port, etc


Sopto provides E1 to Ethernet converter and E1 to Optical ETH Protocol Converter with 48V/110V/220V power supply, which support the BNC or RJ45. Their transmitting distance could be 20km or more.


Welcome to consult the Sopto’s customer service for more information of price.


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