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The high-stable performance HDMI to DVI cable

The high-stable performance HDMI to DVI cable. We supply the HDMI to DVI cable which is launched corresponding to the new generation transmission requirements of audio and video.


These HDMI to DVI cables adopt thickened 24 gold-plated connectors, high purity copper core, precise structure and high-density triple braided shield design to ensure the stable transmission signal.


The biggest bright spot of our HDMI to DVI cable is that it provides the bright and full of liveliness picture with fast reaction. These HDMI to DVI cables support 1080 all-digital audio and video transmission which are scanned progressively. We supply more choice of the length to suit the professional home user for their layout application.


These HDMI to DVI cables are suitable for all devices with HDMI or DVI interface, such as DVD player, HDTV, HD player, computer with HDMI /DVI interface, projector, PS3 and so on.


We also supply mini HDMI cables with low cost. Welcome to contact our online customer services to obtain more information.



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