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The high-definition VGA to HDMI converter for PC graphics card

The high-definition VGA to HDMI converter for PC graphics card. The VGA to HDMI converter converts the VGA and AUDIO signal of PC into the HDMI signal then output this HDMI signal. We provide VGA to HDMI converter allows the VGA output of the graphics card to connect the big screen TV with full HD (1080P).


Our VGA to HDMI converters support the resolution which ups to 1920*1080@60Hz. And these VGA to HDMI converters have the characteristics of supporting higher PC graphics resolution, good compatibility and high definition and so on.


The VGA to HDMI converter is mainly used in the mainframe computer, laptops, DVD, family game machine and other video products which have the VGA output interface, to connect the device, which has VGA interface, and the big-screen TV, and projectors and other HD display equipment.


You will also need to the mini HDMI cable to use with the VGA to HDMI converter. Fortunately, we supply such these products for you.


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