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The development direction of military cable assembly

The development direction of military cable assembly. In view of the customer continuously put forward new requirements to the wiring harness products, the wiring harness products are gradually mature. In order to better meet customer needs, the military cable assembly products are toward the following trend of development.


Firstly, since the electromagnetic compatibility of military products is higher, the products are often required the high-temperature resistant, severe vibration resistant and the abrasion resistance. Therefore, the military cable assembly needs to be high-end.


Secondly, with the trend of miniaturization, cable components often have several or more than ten plugs. So, the military cable assembly must toward the direction of comprehensive development.


Thirdly, because of the high-density and light-weight products greatly reduce the weight and volume; they are more and more important in the aerospace. These military cable assemblies realize the purpose to reduce the transmission cost and save the space.


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