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The best quality fiber optic Ethernet converter in China

The best quality fiber optic Ethernet converter in China. The fiber optic Ethernet converter usually used for the connection between the devices whose transmission distance is more than 100m. For the max transmission distance of cat5 only 100 meters, when the transmission is more than 100m, we need the fiber optic.


But, many types of equipment don’t support the fiber optic interface so that they need the photoelectric conversion device. The fiber optic Ethernet converter wills converter the Ethernet signal into optical signal easily. We can develop the wide bandwidth and anti-electromagnetic interference advantage of fiber optic by the fiber optic Ethernet converter.


Therefore, the fiber optic Ethernet converter is the perfect solution of FTTB to connect with the central office or the local site. And it can be used in many places, such as FTTx LAN and Ethernet private line business etc.


Sopto offers a range of fiber optic Ethernet converter, fiber optic media converter and fiber optic cable. Their fiber optic Ethernet converter supports 1-16 E1 channels with SC/FC connector, such as PT-E1-4ETH-L and SPT-E1-FX. These products are popular at home and abroad.


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