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GE GBIC modules are the first form pluggable fiber optic transceiver modules used in the fiber communications industry. This enables users to modify the connections as they need–just change the GBIC transceiver easily. GE GBICs: 1.0625Gbps and 1.25Gbps GBIC modules have been mostly used in Ethernet switches. Sopto provides high quality Cisco compatible GE GBIC modules working with the wavelengths from 850nm to 1550nm and be able to transmit from 275m with MMF up to 80km with SMF.


The WDM GBIC (also called bi-di GBIC and single fiber GBIC) is a cost effective module. 1.25Gbps and 1.0625Gbps WDM GBIC transceivers are available. And the GBIC Bi-Di single strand series covers single strand fiber optic applications for single-mode long haul fiber (10Km to 60Km). The single fiber GBIC transceiver consists of a DFB laser transmitter and a PIN photodiode receiver with a TIA. Sopto WDM modules satisfy class I laser safety requirements. The bi-di GBIC works with wavelengths of 1310nm/1490nm/1550nm. Single Fiber GBIC modules are extremely versatile, working with any active equipment: Ethernet switches, routers and other networking equipment with GBIC interfaces.

The CWDM GBIC Transceiver is cost effective module supporting dual data-rate up to 1.25Gbps. And transmission distance reaches up to 80km with SMF. CWDM GBIC transceivers work with ITU channel C-band and compatible with Cisco CWDM devices. The Digital diagnostics functions and standard transceiver serial ID information are available. The CWDM GBIC transceivers are designed for switch to switch interface, switched backplane, Router or Server interface applications and other optical transmission systems.

Copper GBIC modules are based on the GBIC Multi Source Agreement (MSA). Sopto produces copper GBIC modules with 100m transmission at the Gigabit Ethernet and 1000BASE-T standards as specified in IEEE Std 802.32. Customers use the GBIC’s RX_LOS pin for link indication, and 1000BASE-X auto-negotiation should be disabled on the host system. Also the copper GBIC is compatible with 1000BASE-X auto-negotiation, but does not have a link indication feature (RX_LOS is internally grounded). The hot-pluggable copper GBIC modules are fully metallic enclosure for low EMI and low power dissipation (1.05 W typical).

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