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Fiber Socket Panel

1.It is with 2 SC fiber port and it can lead the fiber to the home or office.

2.Extra fiber can be stored in the inner space of the faceplate.

3.Its simplified design is easy for installation and maintenance.

4.It is suitable for fusion splice and mechanical splice.

5.The faceplate is wildly used in multi-floor and high building.

6.Panel suitable for SC,FC, LC adapter is available.

7.Adapter, quick assembly connector and FTTH terminal cable can be ordered separately.

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Dimensions (FSP-002)


Dimensions (FSP-002B)






1. Open the cover and check the accessories.

2. Take off the middle part of the panel.

3. There are three interface to install the drop cable

4. You could install them in following two methods:

5. Check and lock the cover

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