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Fiber Optical Cable

Sopto offers different types of fiber optical cables such as outdoor fiber optical cables, indoor fiber optical cables, FTTH cables etc. Common features for fiber optical cable include puplariztion maintaining, graded index and metallization;Take steel wire/FRP as strength member; many kinds of sheaths like LSZH, PU, PVC, Plenum, and Hytrel for your options.
The fiber optical cables are designed with different cores and structures such as bunched and ribbon according to customers’ requirements. Fiber of Single Mode (G.652D, G.655, G.657A1,G.657A2 fiber) and multimode are available.Also all fiber optical cables are composed of many fibers enclosed in protective coverings and strength members. Sopto fiber optical cables are professional for duct, aerial, direct-buried applications and are sold all over the world.
Indoor Cables

Sopto provide indoor cabling and indoor/outdoor cabling with different types of strength member (Nonmetallic Strength Member FRP including GFRP and KFRP /Metallic Strength Member). KFRP has better bending performance to bring the bending attribute of G.657A2 fibre into full play and enable the cable to be applied in the small bending radius circumstance. Besides, indoor cabling contains various features (Ribbon Fibre/ Discrete Fibre), applications (Self-supporting / Not self-supporting) and sheaths (Low Smoke Zero Halogen/Flame Retardant PE etc.). The fiber count / core numbers for indoor cables are up to 144. The Corning and YOFC fibres are optional. G.652D and bending insensitive single mode fibre like G.657A2 are available. The minimum bending radius of the G.657A2 fibre could reach 7.5mm, which is more suitable for indoor application.

Outdoor Cables

Outdoor fiber optical cable could be duct cable, aerial cable, direct-buried cable, tunnel cable, thunder-proof, dielectric and anti-termite cables, etc. Steel tape, aluminum tape, light-armored, non-armored, double sheaths and other customized structures are optional. Besides, the cables are designed with different cores like 6counts, 18counts, 36counts, up to 96counts, 144counts, 288counts and even 432 cores with fiber bunched or fiber ribbon. G.652.D, G.657A, G.655C and G.651 fibers are available. Standard length of the reel of outdoor cable is 2000 meters. The normal storing temperature as well as operating temperature of the outdoor fiber optical cable is about -40℃ to +70℃.

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