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General Tools

General tools include optical fiber fusion splicer, precision fiber cleavers, optical mechanical splices & assembly tools, cleaver blades & fusion spare electrodes, fiber optic scribe tools, fiber optic crimp tools, longitudinal & round cable slitters, armored cable slitters. 

Cutters and Strippers

Sopto provides a wide range of cutters and strippers including fiber optic kevlar cutter, cable cutters, precision fiber strippers, tri-hole fiber strippers & adjustable strippers, thermal stripper & hot ribbon strippers, fiber optic jacket strippers, buffer tube strippers etc.

Test Equipment

Many test equipment have been widely used in FTTH applications: Optical Light Source, PON Optical Power Meter and other Optical Power Meter, Multi-purpose Optical Measuring Instruments, OTDR, Visual Fault Locator.

Tool Kits

Various tool kits are available, such as Fiber Optic Hand Tool Bags, Epoxy Connector Termination Tool Kit, FTTH Quick Termination Kits, Fiber Fusion Splicing Tool Kits, Test and Inspection Tool Kits, Inspection and Cleaning Kits, Pro-Telecom Fiber Inspection Cleaning Kits

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