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Voice Multiplexer


Voice multiplexer is so called Phone Optical Multiplexer. All Sopto PDH fiber optical multiplexers could add voice (hotline) function except fiber modems. Voice Multiplexer includes 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel voice (FXS and FXO ports) with 1, 2 and 4 Ethernet ports. The phone optic multiplexer can multiplex to E1 signals for transmission over dual fiber or single fiber, resulting in reaching distance from 2km to 120km. Two interface options: 120ohm (RJ45) and 75ohm (BNC).

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4/8/16/30 Channel voice with 1/2/4 Ethernet Port                                                                                                                                               

FXS or FXO port

Dual fiber or single fiber, SC or FC Connector

E1 interface: 120ohm or 75ohm

220V or 110V or 48V power supply or both


Ordering Information

Part NO Description of goods
SPD-E1-PCM041 10/100M Ethernet port+4*FXO(FXS) 120ohm or 75ohm phone multiplexer 220V
SPD-E1-PCM08 1 or 4 10/100M Ethernet port+8*FXO(FXS)+4*RS232+1*V.35 120ohm 220V
SPD-E1-PCM16 4*10/100M+16*FXO(FXS)+4*RS232 port 120ohm 220V
SPD-E1-PCM30 1*10/100M+30*FXO(FXS)+1*RS232 port 120ohm 220V
SPD-PCM04 10/100M +4*FXO(FXS) SM dual fiber 20km 220V
SPD-PCM08 4*10/100M+8*FXO(FXS)+1*RS232+ 1*V.35 SM dual fiber 20km 220V
SPD-PCM16 4*10/100M+16*FXO(FXS)+1*RS232+ 1*V.35 SM dual fiber 20km 220V
SPD-PCM30 1*10/100M+30*FXO(FXS)+1*RS232 SM dual fiber 20km 220V
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