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Fiber Optic Multiplexer

PDH SDH optical multiplexers use PDH fiber transmission technologies and be spread in Sonet application. Optical Multiplexer can multiplex to multi E1 signals for transmission over an optical fiber, resulting in reaching a longer distance without a repeater and superior performance compares with to copper media. The 2M (E1) interfaces can connect with the exchanger, light loop device and multi-diplexer directly to form the mircomidi or the special network. Reaching factory price for PDH optical multiplexer and STM1. Following optical multiplexers are available: N x E1 optical multiplexer, PDH mux with multi fiber ports and multi Ethernet ports, RS232, RS422, RS485, V.35 ETH channels for optional, V.35 RS485 RS422 RS232 E1 fiber modem and PDH chassis. Standard 19 inch rack with dual power supply and mini rack are quite popular.
PDH multiplexer

Sopto provides several series of PDH fiber optical multiplexers and chassis including 2E1, 4E1, and 8E1 up to 16 E1 PDH multiplexers, 1+1 fiber ports multi E1 PDH multiplexers, and multi E1 plus multi ETH ports PDH fiber optic multiplexers. Single fiber and dual fiber transmitting are optional. The transmitting distance covers from 2km to 120km. 120ohm and 75ohm; 1, 2 and 4 up to Gigabit ETH ports; mini rack, 19 inches rack, and card types; 110v, 220v, 48V power supply; hotlineoice function; SNMP management are available.

Fiber Modem

V.35, E1, Framed E1 (FE1), RS485, RS232, RS422 fiber modems are quite popular in PDH and SDH applications. Sopto provides reliable fiber modems with dual fiber and single fiber transmission. 1 x 9 fiber optical modules could be SC or FC connectors. Sopto fiber modems achieve multimode (MM) 2km and single mode (SM) 120km on fiber transmission. Regarding to the E1 interface, 120ohm and 75ohm are optional. All standards of power suppliers are stable and available.


Voice Multiplexer

Voice multiplexer is so called Phone Optical Multiplexer. All Sopto PDH fiber optical multiplexers could add voice (hotline) function except fiber modems. Voice Multiplexer includes 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel voice (FXS and FXO ports) with 1, 2 and 4 Ethernet ports. The phone optic multiplexer can multiplex to E1 signals for transmission over dual fiber or single fiber, resulting in reaching distance from 2km to 120km. Two interface options: 120ohm (RJ45) and 75ohm (BNC).



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