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Fiber optic cable, the inevitable choice for networking

The fiber optic cable is a new generation of transmission medium. Compared with the copper medium, it has a great improvement of network performance no matter in the safety or the reliability. In addition, the bandwidth of fiber optic cable exceeds the copper cable greatly.


Meanwhile its transmission distance is up to 2km or more so that the fiber optic cable is the inevitable choice for the large-scale network.

Fiber Optical Cable


But for its good resistance to electromagnetic interference, strong confidentiality, fast speed and large transmission capacity, its price is expensive and it is rarely used in the family.


We not only provide general fiber optic cables but also provide twinax cables (such as CX4 cable, SFP+ cables, XFP cables and QSFP cables). The range of length you can choose is from 0.5-12m. To obtain the price information, please contact our customer service on our website.

Multi-core Branch Cable II(GJBFJV-II)

Multi-core Branch Cable II(GJBFJV-II), Simplex Cable, Rip Cord, Sheath. The multi-core branch cable II takes several simplex cables (900μm tight buffered fibre with aramid yarn strength member) as the subunits which are stranded together to form the cable core, then extruded with a PVC sheath. Other sheath materials, like LSZH, are available on request.

Duct water-blocking drop cable
Duct Bow-type Drop Cable, KFRS Strength Member, Nonmetallic Setength Member, LSZH lnner Sheath, Water-blocking Material. 2000m standard reel length and other lengths available on request;-20~+60℃ storage operating temperature; 1000/2200N/100mm crush resistance long/short terms
Slotted-Core Fiber Optic Cable with Aluminum
Slotted-Core Fiber Optic Cable with Aluminum. Single-mode type fibre ribbons positioned in the slotted core made of HOPE;Strength Long/Short Term 1000/3000N; 1000/3000N/100mm Crush Resistance Long/Short Term

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Project of cleaning the fiber patch cord

Project of cleaning the fiber patch cord1.  The end face:  use alcohol and absorbent cotton to clean Benefits and significance of cleaning the  fiber patch cord:1.  Extend the service life of the fiber patch cord2.  Reduce the occurrence of network failure3.  Improve network performance4.  Reduce maintenance and replacement cost Mistake and taboos of cleaning the fiber patch cord:1.  Soak the fiber patch cord in alcohol directly.2.  Use ordinary paper towels to replace the absorbent cotton.

Notes of using Fiber Optic Patch Cords

1.  Before use the fiber patch cord, we should use the alcohol and absorbent cotton to clean the optical fiber ferrule and its’ end face. 2.  If the connector is dirty, we should clean it by using the alcohol and absorbent cotton, or it will affect the communication quality.3.  The fiber optical modules at two ends of the fiber patch cord must support the same wavelength, in order to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.4.  Don’t excessively bend and circle the fiber, which will leads to an increased decay in the transmission process of the light. The bend radius must be less than 30mm.5.  After using fiber patch cord, we must use protective sleeve to


Step 1: Cutting Fiber CableTools Requirement: Automatic cutting machine/a Kevlar cutterUse Automatic cutting machine or the Kevlar cutter to cut the fiber cable according to the required length of patch cord, then a simple correction.Step 2: Assemble partsAssemble various parts to the fiber for the convenience of the subsequent steps.The sequence to assembling parts is rubber sheath, heat shrinkable tube, pipe and a spring. The direction should pay attention to whether correct.Step 3: Assign the glueTools Requirement: 353nd glueEvenly assign the Part A and the Part B of the 353nd glue according to the ratio of 10:1 through the auxiliary tool, and minimize bubble.Step 4: FerruleTools
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