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Fiber optic cable, the inevitable choice for networking

The fiber optic cable is a new generation of transmission medium. Compared with the copper medium, it has a great improvement of network performance no matter in the safety or the reliability. In addition, the bandwidth of fiber optic cable exceeds the copper cable greatly.


Meanwhile its transmission distance is up to 2km or more so that the fiber optic cable is the inevitable choice for the large-scale network.

Fiber Optical Cable


But for its good resistance to electromagnetic interference, strong confidentiality, fast speed and large transmission capacity, its price is expensive and it is rarely used in the family.


We not only provide general fiber optic cables but also provide twinax cables (such as CX4 cable, SFP+ cables, XFP cables and QSFP cables). The range of length you can choose is from 0.5-12m. To obtain the price information, please contact our customer service on our website.

Multi-core Branch Cable II(GJBFJV-II)

Multi-core Branch Cable II(GJBFJV-II), Simplex Cable, Rip Cord, Sheath. The multi-core branch cable II takes several simplex cables (900μm tight buffered fibre with aramid yarn strength member) as the subunits which are stranded together to form the cable core, then extruded with a PVC sheath. Other sheath materials, like LSZH, are available on request.

Duct water-blocking drop cable
Duct Bow-type Drop Cable, KFRS Strength Member, Nonmetallic Setength Member, LSZH lnner Sheath, Water-blocking Material. 2000m standard reel length and other lengths available on request;-20~+60℃ storage operating temperature; 1000/2200N/100mm crush resistance long/short terms
Slotted-Core Fiber Optic Cable with Aluminum
Slotted-Core Fiber Optic Cable with Aluminum. Single-mode type fibre ribbons positioned in the slotted core made of HOPE;Strength Long/Short Term 1000/3000N; 1000/3000N/100mm Crush Resistance Long/Short Term

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The multimode fiber optic cables are used in the short distance less than 2km

The multimode fiber optic cables are used in the short distance less than 2km . The choice of the fiber optic cable is not only according to the fiber number and fiber types, but also according to the using environment to select the outer sheath.   According to the application environment, the fiber optics cable types include the outdoor cable and the indoor cable.     The armored cable is better to be used when we buried the cable outdoor. The LSZH cable is suitable for the building inside. The distribution cables are the good choice when vertical cabling; and the breakout cables are often used when horizontal cabling.   If the transmission distance is less than 2km,

The definition and application of the ribbon fiber optic cable

The definition and application of the ribbon fiber optic cable . The ribbon fiber optic cable refers to arrange the fiber into a flat ribbon fiber bundle as the basic unit.   The bared fiber inside the ribbon fiber optic cable is arranged into a row and fixed band according to the color sequence. And the core number of the ribbon fiber optic cable is generally larger, such as 144 cores and 288 cores.     The ribbon fiber optic cable is mainly used in the construction of the backbone optical ring network in the city. With the large capacity and large number of fiber core, the ribbon fiber optic cable is convenient for the local network.   For other information about

Patch Cord BICONIC connectors

The BICONIC connectors used on our patch cords consist of cone-shaped polymer ferrules that help to align the fibers in connection interfaces. The ferrules incorporate the latest in precision molding technique to yield fractional dB loss. Their rugged design allows the BICONIC connectors to be used in military applications.Flame retardant grade cable sheathing options are offered. Riser rated cables will be provided as standard.  LSZH and Plenum can be provided upon request. Features 1. Dual conical surfaces2. High quality Polymer ferrules3. Precision molding4. Riser, Plenum, and LSZH cables available Applications 1. LANs2. Data processing systems3. Medical instrument4. Remote
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