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Fiber Optic Attenuator

Fiber optic attenuators are designed to use with various kinds of fiber optic connectors, such as SC, FC, LC, ST and MU connectors with PC or UPC interface, FC/APC, SC/APC and LC/APC etc. The attenuation ranges are from 1dB up to 30dB. Single mode and multimode attenuators can be female to female which is called bulkhead fiber optic attenuator or male to female which is also called a plug fiber optic attenuator. Bulkhead and plug types are designed without cables; another type inline fiber optic attenuator is designed with a piece of fiber optic cable. Variable fiber optic attenuators are also popular.

Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Sopto produce general fiber optic patch cord. The characteristics of Sopto SC, LC, FC, ST, MU, MTRJ, Din, D4 and so on are low insertion loss and high return loss. All fiber optic patch cord series are with high dense connection and easy for operation. Our fiber patch cords have been widely applied in FTTX +LAN, Optical fiber CATV, Optical communication system, telecommunication, and testing equipment. The incoming quality control, in-process quality control and out quality control greatly ensure the high credibility, stability, repeatability and exchangeability of the fiber optic patch cord.

Fiber Adapter

Sopto supplies various fiber adapters with SC, FC, ST, LC, MT-RJ, MU and other connectors, quad, mating sleeves, hybrid fiber optic adapters, bared fiber adapters, single mode fiber optic adapters, multimode fiber optic adapters fiber optic adapters. These fiber optic adapters are used in fiber optic connection; the typical use is to provide a cable to cable fiber connection. PC/UPC/APC interface are available. Our fiber optic adaptors are fully compatible with the products from other manufacturers' in the market.

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