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How about the Logistics costs?


Calculating according to the reality details:


For example:


Firstly, we calculate the volume and then compare the volume and the weight. Select the bigger one to calculate next step. If the value of the volume or weight is less than 21kg (take 16kg as an example) and the first 0.5kg is CNY 120 and additional is CNY33 for 0.5kg, then the cost equals to the CNY 120+ 15kg/0.5kg* CNY33=CNY1100.


If the value of the volume of weight is greater than or equal to 21kg (take 30kg as an example), then the cost equals to 30kg* the unit price.



How about the Guarantee?


Except products belongs to Bargain Shop section, all products are warranted by SOPTO only to purchasers for resale or for use in business or original equipment manufacturer, against defects in workmanship or materials under normal use (consumables, normal tear and wear excluded) for one year after date of purchase from SOPTO, unless otherwise stated. Any part which is determined by SOPTO to be defective in material or workmanship and returned to SOPTO or authorized service location, as SOPTO designates, shipping costs prepaid, will be, as the exclusive remedy, repaired or replaced, at SOPTO's option.


SOPTO makes no guarantee against and shall not be liable regarding any damage to products installed, operated or maintained negligently in any manner or otherwise not due to SOPTO's fault. SOPTO shall be allowed a reasonable period to investigate any Buyer's claim for a defective product and shall be given access to Buyer's relevant records and data for this purpose.



How about the Return Policies?


Defective products will be accepted for exchange, at our discretion, within 14 days from receipt. Buyer might be requested to return the defective products to SOPTO for verification or authorized service location, as SOPTO designated, shipping costs prepaid.


The replacement, which is identical to the defective unit in terms of both model and appearance, will be delivered to the buyer, shipping costs prepaid by SOPTO. As long as no replacement unit is available, SOPTO will liaise with the buyer for compensating the buyer with goods of value equivalent to the defective product. No refunds or credit will be provided, except under the condition of no product can be selected for compensation.


SOPTO will only refund the amount of payment receipt at our bank account. Order over 14 days from the invoice date will not be accepted for return under any circumstances. Some products (e.g. custom made, uncataloged and "As-is" items) will not be accepted for return under any circumstances.


In the case of all returns, for any reasons, the returned product(s) must be 100% complete, in original and resalable condition, with all packaging. We reserve the right to refuse a return on any product that does not meet these requirements.


Shipping charges are not refundable, with the exception of orders incorrectly shipped by SOPTO.


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What’s the difference between IP113C and IP113S of your management media converters?


For this type management chassis, we can connect them with two types remote media converters to realize the management function. One is our normal IP113C chipset 10/100M converter, the other one is IP113S chipset 10/100M converter. But IP113S chipset media converters own 3 more functions than IP113C, that is: 1.remote power off alarming 2.remote link loopback test 3.LFP function start by management software.


What Is a Fiber-Optic Splitter?


The most common type of fiber-optic splitter splits the output power evenly, with half the signal going to one leg of the output and half going to the other. Which is PLC splitter splits the output power by chips.


While FTB splitter is possible to get splitters that use a different split ratio, putting a larger amount of the signal to one side of the splitter than the other.


Splitters are identified with a number that represents the signal division, such as 50/50 if the split is even, or 80/20 if 80% of the signal goes to one side and only 20% to the other.

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