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10G EPON standard technology is an ideal technology for next generation broadband access

10G EPON standard technology is an ideal technology for next generation broadband access. IEEE 802.3av, the 10G EPON standard, is formulated from 2006 and formally promulgated in the third quarter 2009. At present, the process of 10G EPON standard is faster and the main technical details have been determined.


The 10G EPON is able to inherit the mature experience of the large-scale deployment and is able to coexist with GEPON under the condition that we don't change the optical distribution network (ODN). In this way, the operators will save lots of investment.


10G GEPON transceiver


Compared with the existing broadband access technology, the 10G EPON has an advantage on broadband. At present, the manufacturers are actively involved in the research and development of 10G EPON; and the industry chain of 10G EPON will be matured quickly. Therefore, the 10G EPON is an ideal technology for next generation broadband access.


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EPON ONU Transceiver

EPON ONU Transceiver. Features: Dual Wavelength Bidirectional Tx/Rx, 1250Mb/s Symmetrical Tx/Rx Data Rate. 1310nm F-P Burst-Mode Laser. 1490nm continuous-mode PIN Receiver. IEEE 802.3ah Compliant. China EPON standard OAM control

EPON SFF ONU Transceiver 1000BASE-PX20
EPON SFF ONU Transceiver 1000BASE-PX20. Applications: IEEE 802.3ah 1000BASE-PX20++, GE-PON ONU. Burst mode application. FTTx WDM Broadband Access.
EPON SFP OLT Transceiver 1000BASE-PX20
EPON SFP OLT Transceiver 1000BASE-PX20. Single Fiber Transceiver with single mode SC receptacle. 1490nm continuous-mode 1.25G/s transmitter with DFB laser. 1310nm burst-mode 1.25G/s receiver with APD-TIA. Single 3.3V power supply. LVPECL compatible data input /output.

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