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10/100BaseT to 100Base FX bridging fiber optic transceivers

       10/100BaseT to 100Base FX bridging fiber optic transceivers is easier to realize conversion between Ethernet and optical fiber.  

    The main feature of 10/100BaseT to 100Base FX bridging fiber optic transceivers is as following:

  1, Convert RJ45 copper into Fiber

  2, Support half-duplex and full-duplex transmission


  3, Communication range can be extended from 1, 000 meters to 80 km

  4, the built-in exchange of core for flow control, reduce the broadcast packets


  5, Support VLAN long packet transmission (1600 bytes)

  6, Built-in 128 KB of RAM for the data buffer


  7, Support automatic flip function

  8, Support Link Permeability Function (LPF) for fault detection


  9, Supports a variety of fiber-optic interfaces: Dual-fiber multi-mode, dual-fiber single-mode and single fiber single mode

  10, Fiber anti-EMI design enhances the data transmission capacity, especially in the environment of high electromagnetic interference, such as manufacturing plant.

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X2 Module

X2 modules also adopt the XENPAK electrical interface, but there are a few local exceptions. X2 offers a 4bit port address space, a bit less than XENPAK. X2 also reduces the number of power supply pin. In the aspect of optical technology, X2 supports 10GbE, OC192 synchronous optical network, 10GFC and other standards.

XFP Module

10G small hot-pluggable XFP module is different from the XENPAK architecture and its 4-channel interface. XFP module adopts full-speed single serial module of a XFI (10Gb serial interface) to replace the XENPAK and its derived products. Since the XFP module doesn't have serializer/ deserializer, XFP is smaller, cheaper than XENPAK. And its’ power consumption is also less than XENPAK. 

SFP+ Module

SFP+ module is smaller than XFP module. It transferred the circuit, which is used for the clock and data recovery, from the chip to the card.  With its miniaturization, low cost and other advantages, SFP+ meets the high-density demand of device. From 2002 to 2010, SFP+ has replaced XFP to be the mainstream of 10G market. 
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