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10/100BaseT to 100Base FX bridging fiber optic transceivers

       10/100BaseT to 100Base FX bridging fiber optic transceivers is easier to realize conversion between Ethernet and optical fiber.  

    The main feature of 10/100BaseT to 100Base FX bridging fiber optic transceivers is as following:

  1, Convert RJ45 copper into Fiber

  2, Support half-duplex and full-duplex transmission


  3, Communication range can be extended from 1, 000 meters to 80 km

  4, the built-in exchange of core for flow control, reduce the broadcast packets


  5, Support VLAN long packet transmission (1600 bytes)

  6, Built-in 128 KB of RAM for the data buffer


  7, Support automatic flip function

  8, Support Link Permeability Function (LPF) for fault detection


  9, Supports a variety of fiber-optic interfaces: Dual-fiber multi-mode, dual-fiber single-mode and single fiber single mode

  10, Fiber anti-EMI design enhances the data transmission capacity, especially in the environment of high electromagnetic interference, such as manufacturing plant.

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